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5th-Apr-2006 07:17 pm - blah blah
Well I've created a myspace account...I think I was the last to do it. Oh well, it was fun. If anyone has an account, add me. ; ) I started working at teh gov job, and it's cool. The only porbelm is I'm working 10hr days to have off on Friday, and it's tough. I'm half sleep now as it is. I ate a bit of junk today, first a bag of cheetos during work and I just had ice cream for desert. I'll have to do a little better tomorrow. :o Want to stay up and watch antm, but I don't know if I can. I'm thinking about getting tivo, so I can record my shows. Then I can sleep as early as I want. Yay! Anyway going to bed soon before I'm totally wiped out tomorrow. ttyl
23rd-Mar-2006 07:48 pm(no subject)
Well, I've been a bit busy around the house. I scrubbed the kitchen so much it has that sparkly shine! lol And a house inspector came over, mistakenly thinking our house was the one he was supposed to see. I guess he thought the lawn was bad, so he figured we were it! My mom got self-conscious about the yard and she recruited me to help her fix it up. So, I went out with my mom to rake the leftover dead leaves in the yard, and pick up these huge pieces of tree. I guess the winter weather and wind broke several branches, and they all fell onto the lawn. We ended up with four bundles of sticks to put out. lol It looked like a little beaver dam. And there was a cute PSE&G guy out there, so it was fun to steal glances at him while we were working. I'm just glad I didn't go out there in something bummy. lol Did a little shopping (YAY!) which always makes me happy. Just some supplies for the house. I missed my Denise Austin this morning, but the yard work covered my daily workout I think. lol I was sweating and a bit achy by the time we finished so I guess so.

Watched ANTM and American Idol last night. Glad to see Kevin go. He was sweet, but I didn't think he could sing that well at all. And Kari went home! I thought Gina would get the boot, but I guess they really want to try to give her a chance to work it. They haven't had many asians on the show. I think she's the second?

I posted at scifirevolt. /http://community.livejournal.com/scifirevolt/ Just a little story, and a photo manip piece. I was in a bit of a creative mood with that one.

I was on blogthings doing those addicting little quizzes (if only they made them as fun in school!) and I got this one for three question personality. Agreed with some of it. Makes you wonder where they get this stuff. lol

Your Personality Is

Idealist (NF)

You are a passionate, caring, and unique person.
You are good at expressing yourself and sharing your ideals.

You are the most compassionate of all types and connect with others easily.
Your heart tends to rule you. You can't make decisions without considering feelings.

You seek out other empathetic people to befriend.
Truth and authenticity matters in your friendships.

In love, you give everything you have to relationships. You fall in love easily.

At work, you crave personal expression and meaning in your career.

With others, you communicate well. You can spend all night talking with someone.

As far as your looks go, you've likely taken the time to develop your own personal style.

On weekends, you like to be with others. Charity work is also a favorite pastime of yours.
18th-Mar-2006 07:26 pm - Wow...
It's been a while, but everything's basically the same. SG-1 and Atlantis are now running repeats so I have to wait until later in the year for new episodes. I watched Dr. Who and I enjoyed it. lol Unlike my family I think British humor is great, and I had fun with the show. It was so silly how couldn't you giggle at the effects and stuff?
Is anyone else getting those annoying 'lottery' emails saying you won the lottery and nonsense. I hit delete and another one is there the next day. Eh.
I'm thinking about going to see V for Vendetta, but it seeing one of the 'making V for Vendetta' shows it looks like it focuses on the politics going on nowadays, and I have little patience for that type of thing. It's one of those subjects I can't stand actually. I know the world is in bad shape, but what can we do about it? What are they trying to raise awareness for? I'm sure no one is going to rise up and overthrow the government here in the US no matter how much they might want to.
My sis just got back from the hospital since they treated her for the infection. Her surgery is next month, so hopefully she'll stay healthy before they operate. If not, I guess it's back to the hospital for her. Poor thing hates to go there too.
I've been doing a little creative work, sewing and drawing and such, but it's been slow going. Hopefully I'll be inspired to up the ante and really get going. My other sister is bent on inventing something or selling a product, to start a small business. We'll see what pops up in that endeavor!
10th-Jan-2006 03:26 pm - A little time...
Wow. This has been a very busy couple of weeks for me. It seems like everything has been on hold, and I'm just now getting to relax a little. But still the new year is here (time flies like a crazy bee) and that's exciting. I kind of feel like each year is a new beginning, even if I'm still doing the same old thing. ;) There's a few house projects I want to do, and hopefully I'll be able to get to them this week. Nothing else much to report. :)
15th-Dec-2005 11:12 am - Narnia!
EH. This week has been very busy and long, but Friday is almost here (along with my paycheck, yay!). My creative processes have been put on hold, but hopefully some projects will be resumed soon.

I went to see Narnia yesterday, and I can't even put it in words. It touched my heart and tugged on emotions through the beginning to the end. The children were enchanting and the exquisite imagery so stunning. *sigh* I couldn't help but jump and dance and clap my hands in glee. lol My poor mom and sister went with me, but mom was sitting next to me. But then maybe she didn't notice my silliness since she was just as into it as I was. The theater was almost empty, so it helped that people weren't staring at us like we were crazy. It was the best movie I've seen in a long while. I couldn't help but keep comparing it to LOTR in certain scenes and feel, but this movie was straight FANTASY! *SQUUEEEEEEEEEE* L-O-V-E Fantasy. I do know I have to go get the soundtrack. The music was so moving. We were going to do a double and see King Kong, but we didn't want to interrupt the Narnia 'glow' so we decided to go later. I can't wait til it comes out on DVD so I can be transported to another place again and again!

Go see Narnia! It's a must see!
12th-Dec-2005 06:10 pm - Hm.
Hm. I played the Sims2 for a little while to unwind and had fun adding some CSI characters. I'm especially proud of my Warrick Brown. He looks pretty darn close if I may say so myself. :D I love that game. I can't wait to get the nightlife one. My friend calls me and tells me of the stuff she's finding on it, and I'm like, argh! Smoosh it in my face then! lol It's all good though, I'll just have to get nightlife *and* university, so I can do it, too. (Yeah, sometimes we can be such babies.)

It's funny, I've been trying to grow out my hair, and I met the real deal. I mean the real texture of my hair. lol I could so have an afro! My mom told me she rocked one back in the day, so at least I know where it came from. And my sister has that fine indian hair, taking after my dad's side. I wish I could have both. But I finally got around to doing my hair, so the bush has been tamed. Now all I have to do is get around to putting it in some type of style.

This morning, I went with my mom to her lawyer to go over some papers for divorce. I never knew it was so much work, time consuming, too. I guess it takes as much effort to get out of a marriage as it does to get in. Well unless you can buy a kit and agree to everything, which won't happen with my parents. She's handling it well, even though my dad (though I love him) has many ($$) issues. Guess there's nothing we can do but hope for a kinda smooth transition.

I was struck by a crazy mood, and started cutting out items of clothes from a couple of catalogs I get in the mail. It was fun to put them into these funky outfits, though hard because of the varying sizes of the pics. Maybe I'll draw them, with some alterations, in my "portfolio" and see what I come up with. That took a good couple of hours, and my family couldn't believe how quiet I was being. (I'm sure you've guessed by the length of my entry's that I talk a lot, too.) I let them have that short respite, since it gave me my everyday dose of me time. ;)

I'm heading out to a few temp agencies to see if they have anything for a couple of weeks, just to make a little extra cash. I miss shopping like a crazy person, plus I could pay my credit cards all the way down instead of ringing in the new year with two payments I don't really need. It would be nice. :)

Can't believe it'll be 2006 soon! Time's just a flyin'!
10th-Dec-2005 11:45 am - Am I a freak?
Hello! This is my second journal and I'm enjoying writing whatever down.

Watched a rerun of Atlantis last night, and couldn't help but giggle at the scene between Weir and Ronon. He had her so twisted up she didn't know whether he was coming or going! LOL It was such a funny/cute moment. And OMG! That man is so fine it almost hurts ya! I remember seeing him from somewhere, and that's when my sis was like, 'yeah, he was in Johnson Family Vacation at the Indian place,' and I was like 'oh yeah!' lol That movie was hysterical, and of course he was too cute, even though he looked a little young. But maybe he has that type of face.

I don't know if I'm getting weirder the older I get, but I'm having indecent thoughts about some of these younger actors/musicians coming out! I flipped by MTV a little while back, and caught like a minute of seventeen. They were interviewing this 16 yr. old new comer musician, Teddy (if Tom Welling had kids, this guy would be his son), and I practically swooned! He was soo cute, but I felt like a dirty old woman! lol And then I saw a commercial for Sky High (which I saw in the theaters) and had a flashback to Warren Peace. OMG! Especially in a scene at the Lantern when he had his hair pulled back, and the candle lights were gleaming off his flawless skin!

I love Spike tv. I mean who else can you turn to and watch two back to back episodes of CSI, and then another one a couple of hours later. Thank the men behind the channel for their insight! I recently watched the episode (never good at remembering names) when the peeping tom was hanging around these young women's apartments, getting his rocks off (which I'd be so totally grossed out if that happened). Greg was telling them about how there was barely any DNA in the semen sample they got, and Nick went on about if a guy masturbates excessively he losses the ability to produce sperm, etc. And then Warrick turns to look at him midway through, and says something (of course I don't remember the exact wording) with "spanky" in it. I fell over in a fit and thought I'd die! So totally fangirl on that one! lol There are so many awesome moments in CSI. I think what makes the show is the relationships within their group, how much like family they are. Plus the cool mysteries to solve. ; )

I feel like I'm catching a little something with all this cold weather, so I'm popping Vitamin C's like they'll be out of production next month. Usually catching the front end and upping my vitamins stems off the real sicky sickness. Hope so anyway.

I went take a data entry test for a gov job recently, and I couldn't help but wonder at the application processes these days. I get homeland security and all that jazz, but is it necessary to have the last ten years of my life, when I barely remember what happened last year? It's a good thing I kept my old resume's and they only needed to go as far back as high school. Otherwise I'd be trying to trace back middle school! It's scary to think that ten years ago I was 12! And I don't remember a thing about it. lol And do they really check that far? I mean are all those names and numbers going to be called/used? For all the effort I put into it, I hope so.

Walmart is the bane of wallets all over the world. My mom and sister went out and were supposed to pick a few things up, but of course, on most Walmart experiences a few things turn into a cartload of things. They spent almost a hundred dollars. It's scary because there were only about a dozen bags. I was talking w/ my mom about how back in the day you could get $100 worth of stuff and have bags of stuff all over the kitchen floor. Nowadays it barely gets you a dozen bags, and don't let me get started on grocery shopping. $100 *may* carry you through two weeks, if that. Especially when you have a big family. *Sigh* But that is life.

I'm so glad I don't celebrate Christmas. I think I'd be dirt poor instead of my slightly poor status now. I still want to shop with all the sales, so hopefully I can scrape up some moo-lah to go on a shopping spree. I heard somewhere that some type of chemical is released in your brain when you shop, and I plan on taking advantage of that!

Hoping to the sun melting snow, snow not returning for the rest of the year, and indian summer weather making an appearance. All quite improbable but I'm signing off anyway.

9th-Dec-2005 05:42 pm - Eek!
Yep, I did the first totally rookie thing I could do for my first journal entry. I hit a link by accident and lost everything I'd written, practically an essay. That sucks. ^+_+^ Oh well, you'll find it's the type of thing to happens to me all the time. I don't know if drama follows me or I follow it. :D So I'll just start with a warning. My thoughts are random and I ramble from one topic to another pretty quick. So if you enjoy frying brain cells, you've come to the right place. If you can actually understand and follow my entries, more power to you, cause even I don't understand what I'm going on about.

I watched Maury today and had to cringe at the stupid things people do. Like light themselves on fire. Or run from cops (and get caught anyway). Evilness is another thing entirely, and stories of boy/girlfriends, friends, classmates, family, etc., stabbing, hitting, beating their, supposed, loved ones makes me sick. Is there a switch that allows mindless violence towards fellow human beings? Then I had to watch Cops afterward, and was stupified by how dumb people actually are, like driving while drunk. Is the use of that neat muscle in our head under bone and fluids really overated enough that so many use the do-now-worry-about-later-or-not-at-all approach in everday life? Or that young people are so influenced by peer-pressure, tv, movies, games, music videos, that they can't have an original thought on their own? It's kinda sad that we're so deep, violence and crime has become a way of life to some people, and accepted by others.

A couple of my reality shows had the last episodes on this week. Nicole won on America's Next Top Model. I'm happy for her, but darnit! I wanted Nik to win. She was reserved, but warm, graceful and stunning as well as pretty consistant throughout the show for great photos. Seems like if I want someone to win they don't. Except for Eva. I was routing for Bre, the underdog, but when she vomited some PMS-ing evilness on the episode Kim was kicked off, she fell from grace. Did I mention that that was my favorite episode just b/c Kim was kicked off? I didn't like Kim personality-wise from the get-go. Then they kept lying to the girl and telling her she had potential, when to me personally, she was a train wreck from start to finish. And Jayla was too much. I don't know how she made it all the way to the last four. Last season, I wanted Britany, that crazy girl, to win, but they kicked her off. Out of the top three, I liked Keenya (yeah even if her attitude was sucky and she had a stomach pouch) to win, since I thought she was the most model-y. Naima's okay, but the girl makes me want to find a hole and crawl in it. I don't know if it's her voice, her face, or her personality, but she's so depressing... It's not like me to criticize, but hey a show like that is just asking for it...

At the end of Making the Band, I was unimpressed as ever with the final choice. I think I'd actually be more curious about what the other finalists go on to do. While I was watching that last night, my sis yelled through my door that Project Runway was on. Yay! I loved the first run, and this one looks to be interesting. I caught a new CSI last night, and was caught between pity and disgust for the whacked out woman. It's amazing how much emotion that show wrings out of me. Not saying that I'm not pretty easy emotionally, but there's something special about it.

I saw a commercial for American Idol, and didn't know whether to yay! it or dig through my drawer for ear plugs. Jan is the month for all new Stargate: SG-1 and Atlantis episodes! Eee! I'm so happy! Friday nights aren't the same without new eps of the best sci-fi series on tv and the only reason I watch the Sci-fi channel! Except for The Sentinel it showed a long while back. I was funny, when it first came out I paid it no mind. When it came on Sci-fi channel I was hooked. To bad I missed like a season and a half of it when I started a new job. In fact it's probably old news, but seeing this link made my day, heck, my week when I saw it:

I don't know how I'd get by without my reality model/singing/fashion, law/cops/forensic, talk, court and sci-fi tv shows. Entertainment is wonderful. Okay, enough about tv. (Even though I talk about it a lot, I don't actually watch that much of it.)

Narnia is coming out tonight! I remember reading the books when I was in my tweens, so seeing it on the big screen will be so fantastic. It makes the happy little dork in me squee! Adventure, fantasy and action all rolled into one. Can't ask for a great capper for 2005. Besides King Kong.

I sorted through some sketches I found in an old notebook, and put them in my *portfolio* (yeah okay, more like a folder with some designs I threw together). A lot of it I admit, is crapola, though a dew pieces aren't bad. I showed them to my sisters and mom, and if they said they'd wear a few pieces than I know they're alright. My fam doesn't hold back the punches on that type of thing. Or anything as a matter of fact.

So, I told my friend I'd make her a shirt, but besides some concepts I drew, that's not happening anytime soon. I will make myself stop and get some fabric to cut/sew her something together...Oneday...In the future...Right. I'd love to design clothes for plus-size women, cause honestly the pickings of great clothes are slim. I'll admit, they're better than they were years ago, but not by very much. I manage to scrap by not looking matronly (I'm 22), or like a street corner girl (if you know what I mean) by the hairs of my chiny-chin-chin. I have hope though! : )

Though it's not the same entry I wrote in the beginning, it covers most of the parts. I think I'll go find some communties to join. So I'll leave you to detox from this post and see you another day on my webjournal!

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